SNL Skit: Duolingo for Talking to Children

If you didn’t know, children are an enigma.

You know, if you’re not a seasoned parent or haven’t spent much time around kids then there’s nothing more true.

A lot of people haven’t been a recent fan of SNL — thats understandable, but they hit the nail on the head with this one.

There is an app called DuoLingo which the website describes its approach as, “We believe that anyone can learn a language with Duolingo. Our free, bite-size lessons feel more like a game than a textbook, and that’s by design: Learning is easier when you’re having fun.

But Duolingo isn’t just a game. It’s based on a methodology proven to foster long-term retention, and a curriculum aligned to an international standard. Let’s explore how language learning happens with Duolingo!”

The skit which stars Kristen Stewart shows her awkwardness while talking to children and DuoLingo is the fix.

Check it out:


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