Smell Ya Later! Woman Tells Her Friend That Her Kid Smells Bad

If you want to end your friendship with someone just tell them their kid smells. Thats what one woman on Reddit did.

An unidentified woman who claimed she told her friend Chloe that her 15-year-old son’s body odor was incredibly foul said that her comments may have caused a rift between the two.

The women are apparently coworkers, who became “good friends” after bonding over “knitting and wine.” The anonymous woman claimed the two used to hang out together nearly every weekend in a Reddit post last month. Things got awkward, when Chloe’s son, identified as Braden, came into the picture.

“Lately, I haven’t even wanted to go over to Chloe’s, and I don’t want to invite her to my house in case she brings her son,” the author, who said she is childless, wrote online. “He stinks like rotting meat and BO [body odor], and he also has this awful metallic odor that makes me gag.”

One time while out on a trip to the craft store, she said, the teen — whom she said doesn’t have a lot of friends — went with the women. She said, “I drove them there, and my upholstery stank for a good three days after.”

The next day, Chloe invited her over for dinner, to which the woman said she declined. She said, “I had to tell her no.” Continuing, “she really pushed me for a reason, and I told her her son smells like [expletive] and I basically can’t be around him until he works on his cleanliness.”

Chloe did not appreciate the woman’s words regarding Braden and later demanded an apology. “The things you said about [him] were really uncalled for and I don’t want you to talk about my kids in a bad way. I am a good mom. Don’t talk to me until you apologize,” Chloe texted the woman.

Many Reddit commenters urged the woman to apologize to her friend, pointing out that she could have handled it better. Some users suggested that maybe the teen’s body odor could be a sign of something more serious.

Find us a fifteen year old boy that doesn’t smell.


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