Powerlifting 82-Year-Old Grandma Takes Down Home Intruder

Old women can be the nicest or the scariest people that cross your path. They have experience, sass and they’re unapologetic to just about everyone.

Willie Murphy of Rochester, New York, said she was getting ready for bed Thursday night when a man began pounding on her door, urging her to call an ambulance for him, WHAM reported.

“He was outside and saying, ‘Please call an ambulance,’ saying, ‘I’m sick, I’m sick,'”  she said. Murphy said she called the police, but the man became angry and broke through the door.

The 82-year-old female bodybuilder fought back against the man who broke into her home and she held him down until police arrived.

What the suspect likely didn’t realize is Murphy is an award-winning bodybuilder who works out at the YMCA almost every day. The athletic grandmother can deadlift 225 pounds.

Murphy says she hid as the suspect walked through her house. At some point, she grabbed a nearby table.

She said, “I took that table and I went to working on him.  And guess what? The table broke.”

Murphy says once the suspect was down, she ran and grabbed a bottle of shampoo and squirted it on the man’s face as he tried to get up. Next, she started whacking him with a broom. “He picked the wrong house to break into,” Murphy said.

The 28-year-old suspect, who police say was intoxicated, was taken to a nearby hospital.

Murphy says she does not plan to press charges.


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