Police Called to Rescue Dog Sucked Up by Robot Vacuum

Does your dog hate the vacuum?

Does it bark and growl and avoid it as if the home cleaner is some kind of evil encroaching on the dogs space?

Do you have to go through an entire process every time you go to clean?

Well, it turns out that the dogs might not be that far off… at least one St. Louis, MO has lived to tell the “tail” …

A 14-pound, elderly Shih Tzu named Stonewall was just living his life when the demon vacuum finally attacked.

Stonewall actually wound up getting his tail caught in the robot vacuum and naturally his owner went into a panic.

Megan Dunavant found Stonewall caught by the vacuum and rolling around “like an alligator” trying to get out.

What does one even do in that situation? Well Dunavant had no idea either so she called 911.

Two Ballwin police officers eventually showed up and the three of them got to work getting Stonewall free from the Skynet vacuum.

The officers soon realized that the Shih Tzu was only stuck in the vacuum by the hair of his tail, so they went about cutting him out making sure they didn’t get any tail.

One reason this happened, Dunavant claims, is Stonewall is in fact not afraid of the vacuum — bet that has changed.

Dunavant says that the next time she releases the vacuum to do its work she’ll probably be keeping Stonewall in his kennel.


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