Pizza Hut Customer Threatens Workers over Extra-Cheese Pizza

Everyone needs to just cool it when it comes to fast food restaurants.

A Wisconsin man threatened Pizza Hut employees recently because he wasn’t happy with his order. Apparently, he was upset that his pizza didn’t have enough cheese on it, seeing that he ordered an “extra cheese” pizza.

Everest Metro Police were called to the restaurant around noon last Monday, according to the police report obtained by The Smoking Gun. When they arrived, the reported cheese-head had already left, but employees were able to provide police with a description and his vehicle’s license plate number.

According to witnesses, a woman had entered the Pizza Hut earlier that day and ordered a “personal pan pizza with extra cheese.” She paid and left and came back five minutes later to complain about the amount of cheese on the pizza.

The restaurant claims that they offered to remake the food, but said that it would “be the same as the first pizza.” The woman said that her “boyfriend wouldn’t eat it.” She then reportedly threw the pizza in the garbage and left.

Pizza Hut is not a five star restaurant, people.

The boyfriend decided to take matters into his own hands as if everything wasn’t already being done. He entered the restaurant “yelling, screaming and acting strange.” The restaurant reportedly offered to make him another pizza, to which the man responded by saying he wouldn’t eat it. WHY? Well, because he reportedly threatened employees and told them not to spit in his food.

Makes sense.

Authorities eventually located the guy. He was reportedly issued a citation for “disorderly conduct,” which, of course, he said he didn’t deserve because he is “an American and works hard.”


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