No Head or Tail: Mutilated Alligator Found in Florida

Some people may not like alligators, some people just don’t see them or think about them, but for those in Florida they’re a part of every day life.

So when a mutilated body of an alligator, with its head and tail cut off is found questions are raised. Turns out, early last month an alligator was found without its head on the side of a roadway in Sarasota, according to Fox 35 Orlando. The Florida Fish and Wildlife is said to be investigating both discoveries.

The gator found on Thursday marks the second dead gator in Florida in less than a month.

The remains were found by a kayaker named Kino Velez at Hosford Park Boat Ramp. He tweeted a picture of his discovery saying, “This needs to be picked up before it rots.” The photo shows the huge alligator dismembered with its head, tail and most of its limbs missing.

Velez told the Orlando Sentinel, “The fact that the tail is missing, that’s the dead give-away that it has been poached,” he said, “The tail is where the gator’s mean in found.”

He added, that he thinks he had seen this alligator before while kayaking down the river, He said, “It belongs to all of us and they took a resource from us and we won’t get that back anytime soon.”

Florida’s alligator hunting season runs from August to Nov. 1 – the day before Velez’s discovery.


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