Kids these days… right?

Listen, it might be natural selection or just plain stupidity. Who are we to judge?

The Tik Tok app is a social media tool that allows you to create and share short lip sync skits, comedy clips and share “talent” videos. Kids just want to be internet famous and this is how they think it’s going to happen.

The app has become one of the most popular around the world and has a potential audience of more than 500 million users. It’s mostly teenagers that use the app therefore they’re the ones being influenced to partake in these ridiculous challenges.

What brilliant idea is trending this week? Well, someone thought it would be smart to grab a plastic Ziplock bag, fill it with hand sanitizer, bleach, and shaving cream then hold the bag against their face for a minute. What’s supposed to happen? Their eye color is supposed to get lighter.

The trend was started back in April by Greg Lammers, who seems to have sparked the viral phenomenon claiming that this will change the color of your eyes.

Image: Greg Lammers Via Newsweek

Putting a chlorine-based chemical near your eye, such as bleach, can potentially lead to skin and eye damage. Imagine if that bag had a hole in it? Ouch, yeah.

Apparently, lighter eyes and “fame” are more important than eyesight. Teens have been trying it and now there are some 30 different videos with the hashtag #brighteyechallenge showing kids trying it.

A few people said that putting the bag against their eye hurt, some said it was a joke, another said that were disappointed as to how many people have followed it.

The challenge then gained even more popularity after user Juliagoolia69 posted a video of her attempting to do the challenge. Why? Because she has over 90,000 followers! The video managed to gain more than 574,000 likes and was shared more than 35,000 times, with gaining nearly 5,000 comments.

According to Newsweek, she had seen the original video and thought it would be “cool to make one” and used the editing tools on Tik Tok to change the colors of her eyes….

Its a sham, it doesn’t work!

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