Narwhal: The Famous Rescue Puppy with the Tail on His Forehead

An abandoned puppy with a second tail growing between his eyes was saved last week after a Missouri-based rescue service found him shivering in the cold.

Mac’s Mission, which specializes in animals with unique maladies, said it found the pup who has since been named Narwhal, wandering the chilly streets of Jackson, MO with an injured paw. What was unique about the pup, though was the appendage sprouting between the little friend’s eyes.

“It kind of curls right down under his eyes,” Mac’s Mission’s founder Rochelle Steffen told the PA News Agency, per the Daily Mail. She said, “We deal with such unique animals here that we love to let them keep their uniqueness.” The rescue group named the pup “Narwhal” after the whale that has a unicorn-like tusk.

X-rays indicated that the non-wagging tail wasn’t connected to any vital organs, but the appendage will be removed if it starts to grow inwards or towards the pup’s eyes, Steffen said. She added, “We don’t want to adopt him out and two weeks later it becomes a problem.” Meanwhile, traffic to the Jackson-based rescue service has increased after Narwhal went viral.

“It’s been really good for our itty-bitty rescue to have such a rock star in our midst because all this attention is helping so many of our other dogs,” Steffen said.


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