Mother Has Heart Attack When Third Grade Son Can’t Finish His Math

Not sure how things go in China in regards to math — they take it very seriously, but with the way that math is done these days it causes everyone to become exhausted and maybe even lose it.

Recently a mother in China almost died — actually though.

She suffered from a heart attack while trying to repeatedly explain a math problem to her third-grader who just couldn’t grasp it.

The woman, identified as Wang, was apparently helping her son with his homework, but the mother kept getting frustrated with him. The boy just could not answer the problem and mom got herself all worked up because she was having to constantly clarify.

Wang said her heart began palpitating to the point where she couldn’t breathe properly and called out for her husband to take her to Xinhua Hospital because she was thought she was having a cardiac arrest.

The 36-year-old mother eventually told doctors that she would usually get frustrated with her son while helping him because he should know it by now — however, she never expected her frustration to have such “serious consequences.”

She was diagnosed with myocardial infarction, which is a heart attack or heart failure. Luckily, she got to the hospital in time.

Might be time to hire a tutor…


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