Man Attacks IHOP Customers with Coffee Carafe

Absolute chaos has taken over the fast food industry and IHOP is no exception. In recent findings, new surveillance footage of some guy’s violent acts in an Arizona pancake house has been released.

In the video you can see him whacking customers over the head with a metal coffee pot.

Security footage of the terrifying attack that police said was carried out by Joe Ernest Meza was released earlier this week, KTAR reports. The incident occurred on Sept. 29 at IHOP’s Phoenix location near 51st Avenue and Interstate 10 around 3:30 p.m.

In the clip, Meza could be seen lifting a coffee carafe from the table and whacking a seated woman over the head with it. He proceeded to hit her dining companion with the coffee pot as well, per KTAR.

Horrified patrons, including a woman with a baby, quickly scattered from the area. An additional camera captured another customer cowering in the kitchen of the pancake house behind an employee.

Police soon captured Meza, who was found running through a nearby parking lot with stolen credit cards and a passport, seized from the victims, according to ABC 15.

Meza faces two counts aggravated assault, two counts of assault with intent to injure, as well one count each of theft and disorderly conduct, per KTAR.

He is currently out on bail, according to ABC 15.


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