Lucky Bucks: Michigan Hunters Use Branch Saw to Separate 2 Deer

It’s deer hunting season in Michigan — deer are actually everywhere and if you’re not hunting them — they’re probably hunting you and your car.

This rescue came just a week before the firearms deer season started — so that makes these some lucky bucks!

Hunter Mark Johnson spotted two rutting eight-point bucks in a farm field in Bowne Township with their antlers entangled on Wednesday.

Two locked up bucks can be seen struggling to free themselves in a viral video posted to Facebook by Peggy N Mark Johnson. The video has has received over 22K views as of Tuesday morning.

After seeing the deer were unable to break apart, Johnson told WOOD-TV he called his friend Brad Lyons to come help him free the pair.

Thanks Brad And Lisa Posthumus Lyons, and Randy Wilcox for helping me rescue these two bucks with locked antlers.

Posted by Peggy N Mark Johnson on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Johnson told the news outlet, “They can’t break apart, so they either die from exhaustion or starvation or sometimes even coyotes would come in and do it.”

WOOD-TV reports, Lyons met up with Johnson and brought neighbor Randy Wilcox, Bowne Township Supervisor, ropes and a branch saw.

Posted by Peggy N Mark Johnson on Thursday, November 7, 2019

The bucks fell into a creek while the group was trying to contain them using ropes, another video shows. Eventually, the hunters were able to approach the deer long enough to use the saw to cut the antlers apart.

The video, which was reportedly recorded by Lyon’s wife, showed the deer righting themselves in the creek and running off.


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