Kid Sticks Tongue to Frozen Pole After Seeing “A Christmas Story”

We’ve all seen the distinguished scene in the 1983 film “A Christmas Story” where the kid gets his tongue stuck to a pole, right? It plays every Christmas day and you either love it or hate it — but you never see the whole thing in one sitting.

Anyway, a Chicago sixth grader named Spencer Cline was sledding with his friend Cole Leeper, when the boys decided to take it upon themselves to see if the frozen pole theory really checks out — like in “A Christmas Story.”

Guess what? It does — and unless he’s watched the movie with people who grew up in the late 1950s or early 1960s he’d also know that its entirely possible to “shoot your eye out” too.

Some people might call this a “boys will be boys” situation.  Emergency services are inevitable due to the damage and destruction and just lack of thought that naturally doesn’t occur when young boys do half of what they do.

Spencer learned the hard way when his tongue got stuck to a frozen pole. The Chicago Tribune reported that the friend, Cole immediately ran to get help.

He apparently knocked on the door of the nearest house and asked the woman who lived there if she had any hot water.

The woman, who lets face it was just a jerk or by some way of sorcery was surviving a cold Chicago winter  — said that she did not have any hot water. Cole then told her she needed to call an ambulance which she agreed to do.

By the time the fire trucks and ambulances showed up, however, Spencer had already gotten himself unstuck.

Spencer was expected to make a full recovery, though he said that the ordeal was pretty painful.

We’re not entirely sure the kid watched the whole movie as the kid in the movie scream, cried and started to bleed — because UM YEAH


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