Kid Shatters Glass at California Zoo’s Bear Exhibit After Hitting It with a Rock

Leave it to a kid to cause $67,000 in damages to a zoo exhibit — seriously.

Not only do you not send your kids to a bear enclosure unsupervised for obvious dangers — but turns out they can end up causing damage and put the rest of the visitors at risk.

Oakland Zoo spokeswoman Erin Harrison confirmed on Tuesday that the glass was shattered – shockingly – after a child repeatedly hit it with a rock. She says the bulletproof-strength glass at the enclosure – where four grizzly bears live – is made of six separate panes, each of which is 1 inch thick.

Apparently, people have been a little reluctant to visit the grizzly bear exhibit seeing as the glass enclosure is visibly cracked. Understandable.

They do have a sign posted, it reads, “Yes, the glass is cracked but it’s still strong enough to withstand the strength of our bears.” That sounds promising.

“Two inches thick, and several hundred pounds, this glass is made of several layers and is designed to splinter, not shatter. We’ll be replacing it soon.”

The zoo is currently on the hook for the $67,000 it will cost to replace the glass.

Officials were unable to locate the family after another visitor reported the child.


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