Homeless Man Uses Last of His Money to Help a Woman Change Her Tire

This guy proves that a simple act of kindness has rewards of its own

Recognizing how cold it was and realizing he had better tools in his car, Scott approached Randy and asked if he needed any assistance.

Head, who lives in a tent in a wooded area behind the store, used the last of the money in his pocket to air up the young woman’s spare tire. When he talked to DailyMail.com, Head said that there was “nothing amazing” about the generous act, it was just “the decent thing to do.”

He said, “I haven’t cured cancer. I’m not Superman. I just changed a tire; I was simply helping out another in need.”

The 61-year-old says he immediately thought of his daughters he noticed the female driver get out from her car, and how he hoped someone would help them if they were stranded without hope in the early hours.

Having worked in hard labor for over 30 years before becoming homeless last year, Randy said he was all too happy to get his hands dirty once again.

The woman offered him $20 for his help, but Randy politely refused the money.

Landry shared the encounter on Facebook, along with two pictures of Randy helping the woman.

Posted by Scott Landry on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The men talked and Landry eventually learned that the man “lives in a tent in the woods behind the store.”

The post has since been shared nearly 3,000 times. Strangers who saw Scott’s post reached out to him and asked how they could help — so  the next day Landry sought out the homeless man and asked him what he needed. Head responded that he wouldn’t mind somewhere to escape from the cold and windy weather.

Landry was determined to make it happen so he booked Head a room at the Red Roof Inn for five nights.  Scott has since set up a Facebook Fundraiser for Randy as well, which has already raised $2,850 of its $1,500 target after just one day.

“I’m still the same nobody I was before Monday night,” Randy told DailyMail.com.  “But if one good thing can come out of all of this, I hope to re-establish common decency and common respect – because neither of those things are that common anymore.”


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