Groom Says Sister Will Be ‘Dead to Him’ If She Misses Wedding for Rehab

Weddings are something you either love or hate and there is usually a reason behind it.

What is the one thing about a wedding that makes it just a little bit more bearable, though? Maybe its the meal or the cake. It could be the ceremony itself. Sometimes there is an open bar and thats the one that usually brings the people together.

Surely, we could think of a million reasons to skip the wedding of a childhood friend or honestly just about anyone other than a sibling — turns out there are very few excuses in the world that can get you out of a sibling’s wedding. Whether you’re in the bridal party or just a guest its just not really something you do.

One family debating if its warranted for the groom’s sister to miss her brother’s wedding because of her rehab schedule. The sib’s step-mother actually shared the story on Reddit.

Turns out the big day is only a few days after the young woman is set to leave rehab and she’s not sure that being at a party with an open bar would be the greatest idea — her brother didn’t see it that way.

AITA for telling my daughter that she doesn’t have to go to my son’s wedding from AmItheAsshole

Posting under the name Silky1947, the step-mom wrote, “Technically speaking, my son and daughter are my stepson and stepdaughter, but their [biological] mom passed and their bio dad (my ex-husband) left them when we divorced, and I was their guardian until they turned 18.”

She continued on to explain her daughter’s issues, writing, “My daughter is going through a tough time right now. She is an alcoholic and is currently in rehab. After rehab, she’ll be living in a sober living facility for 12 weeks. Only a week after she leaves the sober living facility (assuming everything goes according to plan) is my son’s wedding. Though she hypothetically will be able to resist temptation at that point, I don’t think throwing her into a wedding with an open bar is a good idea, especially considering that their father’s side of the family is rowdy and heavy drinkers.”

When the daughter brought up skipping the wedding things got a little intense.

According to the post, “My daughter asked my son if he would be upset if she stayed home and they celebrated elsewhere. He told her that she would be dead to him if she didn’t come. My daughter was distraught and very emotional. We talked it out with her counselor, and during the conversation, I told her that I thought she should stay home and that her sobriety was more important than the wedding.”

She added, “She reached out to her brother and basically told him exactly that and told him that I said she could stay home. My son is extremely angry at me and accused me of favoring my daughter by not supporting him and that I might as well not come to the wedding either.”


As you can imagine, Reddit users defended both brother and sister points of view. Some were more harsh than others when it came to the defense.

One user wrote, “I feel for both sides, but her recovery should be number one priority for herself. It’s difficult dealing with alcoholism as it is a family disease, and everyone suffers somehow.”


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