Florida Woman Pleads for Thief to Return Her Disabled Dog That Was in Her Stolen Car

This is a heartbreaker — and for all of us who love animals, that’s doubly true.

A woman in Miami, Florida, whose car was stolen is pleading for the thief to return it — and not because she cares about the vehicle all that much.

Her disabled dog was in the backseat — and whoever made off with car on Thursday took the beloved husky mix with him or her, too.

The thief or thieves may not have even realized the animal was there at first.

Now, Florida animal rescue groups are stepping in to try to help the distraught woman.

“Wanda Ferrari had left the air conditioning on for her 13-year-old dog Zorra, whose back legs are paralyzed, while she popped into a Dollar Tree in Oakland Park, just north of Fort Lauderdale,” reported Fox News.

“When Ferrari returned, she found her car and dog had disappeared.”

Here’s the picture of the sweet pooch, below.

A group called Abandoned Dogs of Everglades is trying to assist Ferrari — and is asking others to help, too, by sharing a picture of Zorra along with the story.

Also, Abandoned Dogs of Everglades has hired a pet detective — and is offering a $2,000 reward for the dog’s return.

“She’s been my whole life. I rescued her and she rescued me,” Ferrari told CBS Miami.

She said the dog has been her constant companion as she fights another bout of breast cancer.

The disabled Zorra uses a pink wheelchair to walk — but Ferrari said the dog was lying on a pillow when the car vanished.

“I was in shock. And you know, the shock wore off,” Ferrari continued.

“And then I was traumatized, and in tears, because my girl was in the back.”

She said she wondered, “Who would do that? Who would take a car with a dog?”

The missing car is a 2005 Volvo station wagon with Florida tag Z1JYV, as Fox News and the Associated Press reported.

The woman pleaded with the car thief: “Please, if you have her, please, just bring my baby, please bring her back. Just please, I don’t care about the car — bring my baby back.”

The Broward County’s Sheriff’s Office is on the case — searching for the car and dog.

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers at this number: 954-493-TIPS — as CBS Miami noted.

Written by: Maureen Mackey

This post was originally posted on LifeZette and is being used with permission.


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