‘Fake Firefighters’ Apparently Entering California Wildfires

Reports are emerging of people posing as firefighters and security guards in areas ravaged by wildfires in some parts of California in order to “loot evacuated homes and businesses,” the Daily Mail is reporting.

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office announced on Wednesday that it’s investigating reports of “fake firefighters” in the area that is impacted by the huge Kincade blaze.

That blaze has burned through 77,758 acres of land over the past week, NBC News reported.

“We did get a report yesterday of possibly some fake firefighters out there, wanting to do some looting,” Sgt. Shawn Murphy said on Wednesday.

No suspects, however, have been identified, ABC News reported.

The Sheriff’s Office there has beefed up patrols in order to prevent looting in areas where residents are under evacuation orders.

Currently, 300 deputies are on the streets to stop crime in evacuated areas, said ABC News.

See this tweet about it:

And see this video from Fox News about the same issue.

Professional and volunteer firefighters across this country risk their lives every day to save people and property when blazes break out.

They’re honorable and dedicated individuals who do a difficult job, day in and day out.

Let’s hope that anyone trying to impersonate them out of greed or desperation or far worse is caught and brought to justice swiftly.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people are still under mandatory evacuation in northern California because of wildfires, NPR reported yesterday.

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