Face Palm: Drunk Lady Grinds on Cop During Arrest

It doesn’t matter how your week is going, this is bound to make you feel better about yourself. I know I certainly do.

Just think: there is a woman facing charges for grinding on a police officer.

In all fairness it was game day! The Alabama vs. Tennessee football game to be specific. The game was on October 19 at Bryant-Denny Stadium and afore mentioned woman was supposedly an attendee.

April Teale a 24-year-old from Alabama was recorded grinding her butt into the crotch of a cop while he was attempting to handcuff her.

Imagine how proud her parents must be…

Teale was arrested by police on misdemeanor disorderly conduct and harassment charges.

As seen in the video, which you guessed it, has gone viral, Teale was pinned up again a window as the police officer attempted to cuff her.

The audacity of this girl will prove to you that millennials are more tame than you think. It’s the GenZ crowd that has zero respect for themselves or authority. Anyway, she starts to press her butt into the cop’s groin — it gets worse… as she was grinding she was saying, “Oh, yeah, you like that? You like that, yeah?”

Girl, no.

So, she was quickly arrested but was later released on a $1000 bond and is scheduled for a hearing on December 9 with the Tuscaloosa Municipal Court.

Teale seems to find the whole situation funny as she is seeking to “offset her legal costs” via donations from followers on her Instagram.

She wrote, “Went through some legal trouble, if you wanna throw me $5 bucks, Venmo me. I’d like that.”

We’re laughing at her not with her.


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