Dunkin’ Store Faces Lawsuit After Viral Video Exposes Pest Problem

Dunkin’ has reportedly filed a lawsuit against a Boston franchise after a viral video exposed a rodent problem inside its store.

The coffee chain is suing the owner of the franchise in an effort to force its closure after the infamous video showed a small army of mice at the location.

The video, posted by Peter Wild on Facebook, went viral in part because of its grossness, but also thanks to Wild’s hilarious narration. Wild said he had just happened to be looking through the window at night when he spotted at least a half-dozen rodents, Boston Magazine reports.

Posted by Peter Wild on Monday, November 18, 2019

In the lawsuit, obtained by UniversalHub, Dunkin’ accused the franchisee of “flagrantly violating Dunkin’s operational standards relating to health, food safety, and sanitation.”

The suit names Donuts LLC, as well as the LLC’s owners, Ralph F. D’Alelio, Gary J. D’Alelio, and Michele J. Lawlor.

Dunkin’ reportedly sent people to investigate the store after it became aware of the viral video.

The coffee and doughnut chain shut the store down after finding “evidence of rodents, fruit flies, cockroaches and unapproved pest management systems,” the lawsuit claims.

Dunkin’ also accused the owner of “widespread negative media coverage.”



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