Dad’s Hail Mary Pass Falls Short — He Was Throwing His Kid

Don't worry the story has a decent ending. That is — no one died or got seriously injured

We think we would know how to react to a life threatening situation, but we can never really know until we are tested. It’s easy enough to say oh I’d do this or I’d do that — but would you follow through?

It’s been said that in times of extreme distress adrenaline kicks in for parents or loved ones — sometimes they become actual super humans and lift cars or something else extraordinary.

Sometimes that happens — sometimes it doesn’t.

This dad in Niwari, India is proof of it not kicking in.

Not only is winding up in a body of water while in your car terrifying enough, its having other lives to be responsible for that makes this story insane.

Somehow this man’s van fell off of a bridge into a river. The quick thinking father reached back into the vehicle and pulled out his young child. Apparently, the kid couldn’t swim — he looks very small so that would make sense. The dad then attempted to throw the kid to the bridge hoping one of the people who had either jumped in or were standing on on the bridge would catch the child.

A swing and a miss… Why he decided to toss the kid — we have no idea.

Don’t worry the story has a decent ending. That is — no one died or got seriously injured.

Sure the video has gone viral so maybe the dad’s ego and the van are a little tainted, but thats a small price to pay. The kid will probably hold it against its dad forever — but again no one died.

The sole fact that this dad was able to react as quickly as he did is sort of amazing.


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