Cute Little Girl Comes Home Wearing a Random Jacket — Dad Interrogates Her

A cute little girl named Mila grabbed the attention of the internet last week when her sister Ayah posted a video of the girl’s dad interrogating Mila about her newfound jacket.

Mila came home from school wearing a pink and grey Nike jacket that she says she bought at the jacket store for five monies. She then told her father, Ehab Rahman that it belonged to a kid named Connor — but the family was skeptical.

BuzzFeed got the scoop on the situation by talking to the girl’s parents.

Mila’s mom, Ranya Samara, told BuzzFeed News she saw the jacket stuffed in the side pocket of Mila’s backpack when she came home from school. Rahman said they’ve never seen Mila come home from school with anyone else’s stuff.

Dad told BuzzFeed News, “So as soon as I saw it I was like, OK I have to have this conversation with her, and that’s when I pulled her to the side and I started interrogating her.”


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