Commuters Hold Thanksgiving Meal on Crowded New York Subway Train

There is nothing more sanitary than the New York subway — which makes it the perfect place to hold a Thanksgiving dinner… No one ever.

A video posted online shows a pretty full subway car in New York City.

However, instead of distracted passengers just doing what they do to pass time they were enjoying a Thanksgiving meal complete with turkey, mac and cheese and cornbread as well as sparkling beverages, plastic cups and flatware — all served on a long table.

The footage, which was recorded Sunday and posted on Instagram, shows a group gathered around the fixings while a woman wearing an apron carves the turkey. Others appear to help themselves to the trays of food.

“Everybody get their plates and sit down and eat,” the woman tells fellow passengers. The train was reportedly a Brooklyn-bound L train. Instagram user Flannery Foster, who posted the video, captioned the unusual clip with a heartfelt, “That #macandcheese was correct and the company was classy. I f’ing love nyc.”


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