Circus Bear Goes Berserk and Mauls Trainer — Nothing Separating Audience From Bear

The circus is no longer the entertainment show that we’ve grown to know and love. They’ve lost a lot of popularity in the States, but they’re still booming over in Eastern Europe and Russia.

The circus has a lot to offer, you know clowns, acrobats, trapeze acts, tight rope walkers jugglers you name it. However, elephants aren’t supposed to be able to balance on a stool with a ball on their trunk and bears aren’t supposed to push wheelbarrows. At some point it becomes cruel.

Russia is where this story is taking us, specifically the Anshlag Tent Circus in Olonets, Russia. Apparently, they don’t have fences or barriers or anything separating the audience from wild animals.

That’s gotta be a liability.

Recently, there was an incident involving a 600 pound bear and his trainer. The bear just decided he was over his act and he began to maul the trainer.

Kids surrounded the stage as their parents were doing what they could to shield them of the horror. The other trainer kicked and electrocuted the bear in an attempt to get it to stop tearing his coworker limb from limb.

According to authorities, even after the bear was “shocked into submission” it was still pretty wild.


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