Can’t Sleep? Study Shows What’s Keeping Us up at Night

A new report reveals why so many Americans are tossing and turning when we should be sleeping soundly

No, its not your partner’s snoring — although that may contribute.

And no, it’s not the fact that Thanksgiving is nearly here and we don’t yet have our holiday plans nailed down.


What keeps Americans tossing and turning more than anything else these days is … financial worry.

More than half of U.S. adults — or 56 percent — lose sleep over at least one money issue, according to a new report.

The biggest money stressor, the report found, is everyday expenses — which nearly 1 in 3 people (or 32 percent) say they lose sleep over occasionally.

Here are four other key findings from Bankrate’s report:

1.) Other than everyday expenses, the most popular financial insomnia contributors include saving enough money for retirement (24 percent), health care or insurance bills (22 percent), the ability to pay credit card debt (18 percent), mortgage or rent payments (18 percent), educational expenses (11 percent) and stock market volatility (5 percent).

2.) Thirty-eight percent of those who lose sleep over at least one stressor say a money issue is the main culprit. That’s more than relationships (20 percent), health (15 percent) and work (11 percent).

3.) Those of us who are more likely to lose shuteye over money worries include parents with children under age 18, those who live in the northeastern and low earners.

4.) Aside from financial concerns, Americans say health is the next largest contributor to a lack of sleep (37 percent, up from 28 percent last year), followed by relationships — including those with family members (29 percent), romantic partners (21 percent) and friends (17 percent) – as well as work (28 percent), politics (21 percent), climate change (14 percent) and raising children (13 percent).

Interestingly, the survey also found that nearly two-thirds of the people, or 63 percent, who are struggling to get a good night’s rest are optimistic they’ll be able to resolve this issue.

Written by: Maureen Mackey

This piece originally appeared on LifeZette and is being used with permission.


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