Bride’s ‘Late’ Parents ‘Furious’ After She Started Wedding Without Them

If you’ve ever been to a wedding that started on time then you’ve hit the jackpot in our eyes.

The bride, Reddit user Lateparents, shared her story Wednesday in a post that has since gone viral with over 30,400 upvotes and 4,700 comments.

The writer started out by saying, the only fly in the honey of her otherwise “absolutely amazing” wedding was the fact that her parents arrived late. She said, “They knew the ceremony time, and my husband and I made it very clear to everyone, both in the invites and in person, that we were going to start exactly at that time,” the author added. “The venue cost us a lot of money,” she said, (we paid for the entire wedding ourselves) and we were only able to use it for a limited amount of time, so we wanted to make every minute count.”

Thirty minutes before showtime, Lateparent’s folks still had not shown up so she said, “My husband and I both called them multiple times but nobody answered,” the bride explained. “We waited and waited, and still heard nothing. Finally, the start time arrived and my parents still weren’t there.”

The wedding coordinator asked the distraught bride how she wanted to proceed – and she elected to start on schedule.

Crap happens — sometimes we have zero control over the matter. Tell us one wedding where everything went PERFECT?!

Moving on, fifteen minutes later, the bride’s folks walked in. But the entire ceremony was over.

“It turns out they did leave early but got rear-ended at a traffic light and had to deal with insurance, police, etc. They only have a landline, no cellphones, so they couldn’t get in touch with me,” Lateparents wrote. “Obviously there’s no way I could have known this.”

It is really weird that they don’t have cell phones. It’s 2019 people and at this point it’s just a safety thing.

The woman said she feels frustrated that her parents didn’t make more of an effort to arrive when they were supposed to, while her parents are “furious” with her for not waiting for them.

Most Redditors agreed that she shouldn’t regret having the nuptials start on schedule, others argued the woman’s choice deeply “hurt” her parents, as their late arrival was in no way intentional.

You guessed it, people had a lot to say! One commenter said, “You’re not [a jerk] for starting on time, you had no idea how late they would be.”

Another one said, “Yes your parents should get cellphones and it would have helped your timing of the event. Yes they will be upset that they missed potentially one of the biggest moments in your life.”

Other users, meanwhile, wondered why the woman’s parents would be cutting the timing so close on their child’s special day in the first place.

“Honestly though, who plans to show up exactly when the ceremony is supposed to start? Every wedding I have been to people arrived an hour or so prior to the ceremony,” a commenter wondered.

“EVEN if the parents aren’t in the wedding, they are [rude] for not getting there SUPER early for their daughter’s wedding to help her and be there for moral support,” one argued.

Critics of the author did not hold back. One said, “I don’t understand why she is still mad at her parents for being late once she knew what happened. They left home early but got into a car crash. What did the [bride] want them to do?”

Another commented, “They were in a car accident. I was a passenger in a car accident once that took almost 2 hours to wrap up before we were on our way again.”

The point was brought up that, “although I will say that most of the time the parents are already there first thing in the morning helping get the bride prepared and all.”

Though it was Lateparents’ wedding day, one user blasted the author for not being more worried about what could have happened to her loved ones when their whereabouts were unknown.

“If they don’t show after that long something was clearly wrong. You didn’t have time to send literally anyone down the route the drove or even to their home to check?” they asked in a comment that was liked over 700 times.

Another concluded that there simply had to be “more” to this family’s story.

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