12-Year-Old Colorblind Boy Reacts to Seeing Color for the First Time

Something most of us take for granted is the ability to see in color.

Recently, 12 year old Jonathan Jones was given the ability to see the world in color for the first time in his life.

Some of the best stories are those that make us realize how important the people who spend the entire day with our kids are. Jonathan’s principal who is also severely colorblind, decided to help the boy out in a very special way.

Jonathan’s class at Lakeview Public school was talking about color blindness, the school principal brought in a pair of enchroma glasses for Jonathan to try.

After seeing the boy’s reaction, several people uploaded the video to social media which immediately got heavy reactions from online users.

Again, we often take this simple thing for granted — but it warms your heart when you see the child giggle at first then to look around in disbelief. He quickly broke down into tears and Principal Scott Hanson goes to embrace the boy in a hug after his emotional reaction.

Unfortunately, Jonathan’s family wasn’t able to afford colorblind glasses before the principal let Jonathan borrow his. They decided to start a GoFundMe account to raise funds to purchase Jonathan his own pair.

To no surprise, their donation site quickly blew up, and they started to receive donations from the public as soon as it was up.

Their initial goal was $350, but the parents stated several people have donated multiple pairs to the Minnesota boy, and will use 100% of additional funds to purchase glasses for those who can’t afford them.

The Enchroma company will also match every pair of glasses they purchase with a free pair, meaning yes, they will double the number of people they can help.

Absolutely incredible!


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