Young Mom Accused of Child Abuse for Drawing Large Eyebrows on Baby

The photo of this sweet baby girl will definitely be raising eyebrows, but not how you think.

Danielle McSherry-Schee, 27,  simply wanted to know what her daughter would look like with some eyebrows. As Metro reports, the mother saying, “Isabella has really fair hair and basically no eyebrows – I have always wondered what Isabella will look like with them.”

The young mom from Fife, Scotland claims that she decided to paint the eyebrows on the newborn for two reasons:

One being that she was “desperate” to see what the girl would look like with eyebrows. The other being that she was trying to teach the young girl an important lesson for later in life — never fall asleep at parties (or else someone might draw something worse than bold eyebrows on her face).


Image: Caters

After sharing the picture on Facebook she received backlash and even some comments accusing her of “child abuse.”

According to Metro, McSherry-Schee said, “I used my powder and just lightly drew on symmetrical eyebrows, a bit like mine.” She added, “I couldn’t stop laughing which woke Isabella up so I took a quick photo and wiped them off. My friends and I haven’t stopped laughing.”

McSherry-Schee even went as far to say, “It is a photo I will keep forever and I might even put it on her 18th birthday cake.”

“But I didn’t put my baby in danger and the other mums in the Facebook group defended me,” McSherry-Schee said. “I would probably do it again because it is that funny.”


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