World’s Oldest Living Former President Jimmy Carter Turns 95

Jimmy Carter, the oldest living former president of the United States, celebrated his 95th birthday on Tuesday. To celebrate the occasion, Americans everywhere have the opportunity to send him their very own personal wishes to the iconic former President.

The Carter Center, a non-profit organization founded by Carter and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter back in 1982, asked members of the public to send in their birthday message to celebrate with the oldest living ex-president.

“Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is turning 95 on Oct. 1. Please help us celebrate this special occasion by sharing a personal message or birthday wish,” the Center wrote online.

If you want to wish Carter a happy birthday, just go to the Carter Center’s website and submit your details and your birthday wishes.

Carter is one of the only president to live past 90, with the others being George H.W. Bush, John Adams, Herbert Hoover, Ronald Reagan, and Gerald Ford. Recently, Carter made headlines when he becoming a distinguished professor at the age of 94. Carter received this honor from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia after teaching there for 37 years.

“With this honor, he becomes the first tenured faculty member at Emory to hold a Nobel Prize and the first tenured faculty member to have been a US president,” Emory University said in a statement. “The principle undergirding tenure – which essentially means a continuous post as a professor – is to preserve academic freedom for those who teach and pursue research in higher education.”

As a tenured professor, Carter can teach at all four of the university’s schools: Emory College of Arts and Sciences, Oxford College, Candler School of Theology, and Rollins School of Public Health.


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