Wedding Season Never Ends — Etiquette Must-Knows

Stay on the bride and groom's good side with these simple yet significant guest hacks

The do’s and don’t even think about its of wedding season — what are they really?

Just because someone’s wedding is somewhat informal doesn’t mean you can just forget about all the rules of wedding season. A marriage is a very mature occasion, so have some class and behave yourself. If you’re the one to wake up bridezilla, you will be the one with regrets.

To stay up to date on other common courtesies keep reading!

Social Media Guidelines

Some weddings are unplugged and others provide a clever hashtag, it just depends on the wedding. Some couples only want professional photos shared and some want to be the first to share images of their special day. It totally depends on the couple.

If you’re unclear on when is a good time to post photos, wait until a close friend or family member does it first so you know it’s okay to post.

Just to be on the safe side, put your phone away and don’t let it be a distraction.

Following Directions (RSVP)

If someone was kind enough to invite you to their wedding, don’t make them chase you down for the RSVP. Send your acceptance or regrets in a timely manner and do it the way they suggest. Don’t send them a text or an e-mail if they have requested a snail-mail response.

Make sure the couple has your correct address, you’re responsible for your response either way. Life happens, if an emergency comes up and you have to miss the wedding that’s one thing, but if you have something you’d rather do just stick to the plan. Chances are the couple already paid for your attendance and would be serving three courses to an empty seat.

Unwelcome Toasts

Do yourself a favor and pace yourself at the open bar. It is never acceptable to give an impromptu toast at a wedding. Toasts are reserved for the bridal party and family members. Your intoxicated epiphany will only cause you embarrassment when it’s said and done.

Dinner Option

Sorry to say it, but your dietary needs are not even on the totem pole. Being vegan or vegetarian—there are more important things to worry about on one’s wedding day than what you’re eating. Don’t bother asking.

It is so impolite to request a special meal, chances are you’ll be able to make do with what they’re serving. No one likes a high maintenance guest, because you’re just that, a guest. If you have a serious allergy, prudently pull the waiter aside and ask how the food was prepared.

Be On Time

Weddings are all about timing and you don’t want to be the one to mess up anyone’s timeline. It is never okay to run or try to sneak down the aisle to find a seat right before or after the bride’s processional. If you’re running late—lay low in the back.

Seating Chart

Seating charts are pure strategy and it wasn’t some easy task that was randomly generated by a computer. Even if you see some long lost friend that you haven’t seen since college, don’t change tables at the wedding.

Your Ensemble

It is never okay to outdo the bride and the last thing you want is to draw any attention to yourself. Meaning: no plunging necklines, thigh high slits, ball gowns or shades of white.

Plus One

Typically a plus one is for a spouse and if you’re offered one just be considerate because it’s an added cost. Usually people won’t offer one if you’re not in a serious committed relationship. If you are in a serious relationship, you might ask the bride or groom if it was an oversight—if they say they couldn’t do so, they might have a tight budget.

If they say plus one, this isn’t an invite for your child. If the invitation doesn’t mention your child’s name or say “children welcome,” you should assume it’s a no.


Weddings are costly for everyone, but give whatever is within your budget. If you received an invitation you should be sending a gift no questions asked [emphasis on sending]. Bringing gifts to the wedding is such a hassle for everyone involved. Make sure you send the gift as early as possible, the longer you wait the more likely you are to forget all together—and it might be brought up as a classless act [cough Hillary Clinton].

Registry’s are there for a reason and they’re usually a godsend. if you’re not sending cash, just stick to the registry. It’s the safest bet, because you know the couple actually needs/wants what they put on there.

If you think we missed any big ones, let us know!


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