Tim Tebow Weighs in on Paying College Athletes

Tim Tebow commented on whether college athletes should get paid. His thoughts are in response to a recent law passed by California that says college athletes can earn a profit from their names, images and likenesses.

During the former NFL quarterback appearance on “Fox and Friends,” Wednesday, he said “We don’t want to turn college football into the NFL.”

He said “I try to see both sides,” and continued with “I’d love to come to a middle ground where we can put together TV money and give them stipends and support them.”

The former 2007 Heisman trophy winner said he worries paying college athletes is going to completely change the game.

“Here is one of the issues, I think, if you get to paying them for their name and likeness, is where does it stop,” Tebow asked. “Does it go to high school, does it go to Pop Warner? Are you continuing to have agents all in the game?”

“I want to be able to balance both of those,” he said. “I want to take care of the student-athlete, but I also want to be able to keep the authenticity of our game.”

According to the Fox News report:

California’s law will go into effect in 2023 and does not apply to community colleges and bans athletes from accepting endorsement deals that conflict with their school’s existing contracts. The NCAA, Pac-12 and SEC have all spoken out against the law.

Last week, the professional baseball player appeared on EPSN’s “First Take” and talked about how he thought the new law could become a slippery slope. Take a look.


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