Tim Tebow Loses Prison Push-Up Contest

Tim Tebow lost a push-up competition on Thursday while he was spending time with inmates at Alfred D. Hughes Unit in Gatesville, TX. This is not surprising as Tebow has been preaching religion to people behind bars for years.

Somehow events took a turn and the ex-NFL Quarter Back went one-on-one with an inmate in a push-up contest. Tebow put up a fight and in about a minute he got in 71. However, the other guy crushed him doing 84 push-ups AND with better form.

Expecting nothing less from Tebow, he is anything but a sore loser. He wrote: “So grateful to spend time with my new brothers in Christ at Alfred Hughes Unit and encouraging them in the hope that Jesus brings!”

Adding, “Thank you to the Warden and the entire staff- thank you for opening your doors and letting us love on your boys today!”

Tim Tebow is just an all around great guy.


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