This Is Why Parents Need to Chill out on the Sidelines

In today’s culture there has been a noticeable decline in participation with kids in sports. Everything from little league to tap and ballet to anything rec league — kids just don’t want to play. Why? Kids don’t think it’s fun anymore.

Who’s to blame? Well, many youth sports organizations and health professionals say parents have created a highly pressurized environment by being overly invested in their kids.

We’ve all seen it. Some parents can get out-of-control, both on the sidelines and at home so its creating an environment or mentality that emphasizes winning over physical activity and fun.

However, some may see this differently, parents are likely still to blame, but it’s because they let their kids stay inside and play video games and have screen time that honestly wasn’t an option when the rest of us were growing up.

The whole point is this: there are a million lessons that sports teach us that shape how we grow up, how we interact with people, how we work with people — you name it!

Life is a game, you just gotta know how to play! Check out some of the top life lessons sports teach us.

Always respect your opponent and learn from your opponent because if they’re not already better than you, they will be. The ones that beat you are the ones that are most like you.

Mental Strength
Never reveal your strategies, people can’t prepare for something they don’t know is coming to them. Strong mind, strong body, strong heart; know what you’re doing, but never underestimate the power of psychological warfare.

Feedback Doesn’t Mean Failure
Life requires us to know how to listen and be receptive when others offer advice. Whether it’s constructive criticism from a coach or it’s unsolicited advice from a superior, they likely have your best interest at heart.

All For One, One For All
From team sports to group projects, you’re still only as strong as your weakest link. And your image is only as good as the person who can ruin it. It’s always important to have the right people in your corner.

Always Protect Your Face
If you’re not protecting your face, it’s going to hurt really bad when you get hit.

Win or Lose
Unless you’re Tom Brady, you’re bound to lose now and again. When you lose, it will hurt your ego and probably your spirit, but things don’t always go as planned and life goes on.

The good news is, you’re not always going to lose. People make mistakes all the time and when you won’t quit, it makes the win that much better.

Having good sportsmanship or a positive attitude is everything— sometimes it even exceeds talent. Having a positive attitude can make a difference not only make a difference on a team, but in performance or competition in the real world.

Sports help you learn the limits of your control. Players are often taught that they can control their effort and their attitude. That applies in the real world too, there is no point in moping over things that are out of your control.

Excuses are just setbacks and all actions speak louder than words. The day-to-day; blood, sweat and tears count for more than anything else on and off the field. Coming up with excuses will not make up for the reps you didn’t do.

Athletes learn how to trust themselves, they can’t second guess themselves if they want to stay in the game. Similar to the real world, people have to learn to trust their skills and not to doubt themselves.


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