Real Life Horror Show: Haunted House Will Pay $20k to Escape

Haunted smaunted, if you’ve been to one haunted house you’ve been to them all right? Wrong.

McKamey Manor — a Tennessee-based haunted house is betting against you. Visitors who escape the “extreme” haunted house will be awarded $20,000. Think you don’t scare easily? Would you put money on it?

The Manor refers to the adventure as an “interactive experience” that is personalized to each visitor’s worst fears. They say it is a “rough, intense and truly frightening experience.” Reportedly, no one made it through yet.

Weird, it can’t be that hard, right?

Maybe its because before even being considered for the “show” you must meet certain conditions.

Requirements include: 

  • Be 21 years of age and up or 18-20 with parental approval
  • Had completed a sports physical and have a doctor’s note stating that you’re physically and mentally cleared
  • Passed a background check
  • Be screened via Facebook , FaceTime or over the phone
  • Provided proof of medical insurance
  • Signed a detailed 40 page waiver
  • Passed a portable drug test on the day of the show

The site conveys they want contenders to know that “each tour will be different based upon your personal fears, and can last up to 10 hours. Each guest will be mentally and physically challenged until you reach your personal breaking point.” Here’s the “kicker,” you can’t fight back and or run. By all means, workers are allowed to come into contact with you, but its forbidden to touch the actors or props.

On the FAQ’s page, McKamey Manor states you could be kicked out of the tour if you exhibit foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, smoking, drugs, alcohol, etc. they say, violation of these rules means you will be asked to leave.


McKamey Manor is open year-round but performances only occur once a week. The two haunted houses are located in Nashville, Tennessee, and Huntsville, Alabama.


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