Pup Named Piglet Is Positive Influence for Children

This sweet little Piglet didn’t have much luck at the beginning of his life.

Piglet, the deaf blind pink puppy was rescued from a hoarding situation in Georgia along with his mother and 3 litter mates. There were 37 other dogs rescued in total.

He is a Dachshund Chihuahua mix, and the product of two dapple colored parents. Dapple to dapple breeding results in a 25% chance of each puppy being “double dapple.”

This double dapple color pattern is linked to congenital ear and eye defects that may result in partially or completely deaf/blind puppies.

Right now, piglet lives a happy life with his new owner Melissa Shapiro and is known as a positive role model for children.

According to Piglet’s site

Piglet’s Mission

— Encourage spay and neuter of dogs and cats.

— Educate about the severe consequences of double dapple/merle breeding.

— Inspire and motivate others to adopt special needs pets.

— Facilitate Piglet Mindset outreach to teachers and students.

— Fundraise for special needs dog rescues and other nonprofit organizations.

— Put a smile on faces all around the world.

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We drove all the way out to Ohio for the Special K9 Games. The athletics were a lot of fun, but meeting new and old friends of Piggy was definitely a highlight. Last night after we left the games, we went to downtown Columbus for dinner. We drove around going back and forth about where to eat. We couldn’t find the place we were looking for so we parked and figured we’d find a restaurant on that block. As they say, timing is everything! We were about to go into a restaurant but turned around to look elsewhere. And as we turned around Warren locked eyes with Pam. She said- “I know you!” We didn’t even have Piglet with us. She actually recognized Warren from Piglet’s pages. So, we had a private Piglet Meet and Greet on the sidewalk. Piggy was very happy to meet Pam and her friends. Piggy gave her kisses and I gave her Piglet stickers. Thank you to Pam and all of Piglet’s social media friends and followers. We love sharing our tiny pink dog with you. We value meeting those who support Piglet and his mission. Scroll to see more pics of the games. . . . #pinkpigletpuppy #instagram #specialk9games #tdafam #deafblind #deafdogsrock #blinddogsrock #specialneedsdog

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