Parents Scare Their Kids into Behaving

Parents have a new tactic these days. Not really sure this is the best route to go, but thats just me. Mom and dad are hiring out a clown to terrify their misbehaving kids.

Wrinkles the Clown, who is now regarded as an urban legend, first appeared in Florida back in 2013. Remember him? Scaring all of the children.

The creepy character is now the inspiration behind a new online documentary of the same name, after a YouTube page titled “HvUseen Wrinkles” came to surface in 2014.

The security camera footage shows a child sleeping in their room, before a clown creepily emerges from under their bed and destroys the footage.

This is everything that nightmares are made of and more.

The clip, which is said to be one of the earliest ‘sightings’ of the clown, has been viewed more than 900,000 times, and has since been shared far and wide on social media.


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