Nine Firefighter Fathers Have Babies At The Same Time – Celebrate With Adorable Photoshoot

The Rancho Cucamonga Fire Protection District has had quite a busy year, as nine of their firefighters became fathers in the space of just five months. To celebrate this, the firefighters and their babies took part in a photoshoot that has since gone viral in a big way.

The baby boom happened between March and July of 2019, and it saw seven girls and two boys being born to firefighters in the Rancho Cucamonga Fire District.

“Say hello to Rancho Cucamonga Fire’s newest little family members! Between March and July of this year, nine babies were born in the department and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture this special moment,” the department wrote in a Facebook post alongside the photos. “We are thrilled to see our RCFD fire family keep growing!”

The photos were captured by Lindsay Shook, a mother who was happy to take part in it.

“I remember when we found out there was, like, six, and then it was like, oh no, wait there’s seven, no there’s eight, then when we found out about the ninth, we were just like, ‘I can’t believe it,'” one of the firefighters said of the baby boom.

The photos have quickly gone viral, with Americans everywhere congratulating the new dads.

“Little do they know it was all planed so the dad’s can hang out with each other more,” one social media user joked, with another writing, “They will all grow up and be best friends.”

Find out more in the video below.


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