Michigan Apple Orchard Robbed of 7,000 Pounds of Fruit

If you aren’t in Michigan then you might not know that Michigan’s apple season goes from mid-August to November. However, specific apples might be slightly behind schedule this year, because of the cold and late winter weather that prolonged the development of spring buds.

As if farming isn’t hard enough,  Spicer Orchards Farm Market, Cider Mill, Winery was robbed of 22,000 apples or 7,000 pounds of fruit on October, 6. According to the Spicer family, the apples were stripped off of 5 acres’ and were worth an estimated $14,400.

The Spicer family has run the orchard for over 50 years and they’ve never experienced a robbery of this scale or nature. Spicer Orchard Harvest Manager, Matthew Spicer told ABC 12, “We were predicting about 7,000 pounds of apples to be harvested over the next week period.” He continued, “Basically, I was pretty upset about it, because it takes a whole year to grow apples and losing something like that, that was our up and coming varieties. Ever crisp is one of our new ones out and was kind of excited to share that with people.”

Matthew says he believes someone harvested the crops in the middle of the night because the neighbors claim they didn’t see anything. The farm had cameras, but they were pointing away from the crops during the robbery due to it being hunting season, according to WDIV.

“It would have had to be three or four trucks,” Matthew told ABC 7 after the owner reportedly found tire tracks in the grass. “[It would] have to be somebody who would not have to distinguish between ripe and not ripe apples. Because they took them both. Spicer grandson, Ryan added that the job would have most likely required a “crew of nine.”

The farm’s founder Alan Spicer reportedly informed the Genesee County Sheriff Department shortly after to report the theft.


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