Foul Mouthed Boy Asks Hunter ‘What Did the F***ing Deer Did to You?’

Its fall which means its hunting season!

Listen, people in Michigan actually pull their kids out of school to go deer hunting and its considered an excused absence.

Deer overpopulation is a growing problem in a lot of states and its no longer being controlled by natural habitats — predators and prey.

Anyway, a grown Long Island man accompanied by a posse of children was filmed confronting a Brooklyn hunter, asking him why he wanted to kill the area’s deer and telling him to leave.

One kid became super emotional during the encounter and started swearing — dropping “f-bombs” like it was no ones business.

The aforementioned hunter Dominick Lobifaro, recorded the incident on his phone on Oct. 20 and later uploaded it to his Youtube page where he explained how the incident started.

He said, “I went hunting Sunday afternoon at a new spot; I called DEC (New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation) last year to make sure it was legal to hunt,” he said. “I got out of the truck in camo and was immediately attacked by this guy in the yellow shirt. I was not videoing at the time [and] he basically told me there’s no hunting allowed here and he was called the cops. I told him no problem I’m calling DEC and I sat in my car and did that. [Ten] minutes later. he came outside while we were waiting for DEC and the local police. I then started the video. Before the video started the kids were just playing they had no clue about anything. The guy in yellow came out and told them I’m gonna kill all the deer.”

The man can be seen approaching Lobifaro’s car and asking, “Hey, the kids want to know, why you wanna kill deer?”

Lobifaro responds, “Because I eat them.” He rationally tries to explain factory farms to the kids surrounding his vehicle and how hunting how can be more humane, but was interrupted by the potty mouth child saying, “What did the f—ing deer do to you?”

Lobifaro responds, telling the man that he needs to explain to the kids that hunting is a “part of life.”

The New York Post reported, Lobifaro called New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation in an attempt to end the situation. When an officer responded to the scene, it was reportedly determined that Lobifaro had all the necessary permits and was at the location “100 percent legally.”


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