Boyfriend Runs Away As Soon As Bridesmaid Catches Bouquet At Wedding

Haley Marie Skipworth and her boyfriend Nathan recently attended their friend’s wedding, and Haley ended up serving as a bridesmaid.

During the reception, the bride participated in the tradition of throwing her bouquet over her head as all of the single women in the room try and catch it. The tradition states that whoever catches the bouquet will be the next to get married, so all of the single ladies in the room was hoping to catch it.

In the end, it was Haley who came out with the victory, catching the bouquet with a determined grip. Within seconds, however, the other female guests noticed some strange movement happening across the dance floor.

Nathan, who has been dating Haley for the last five years, responded to seeing his girlfriend catch the bouquet by sprinting across the wedding venue, jumping a fence to get to the parking lot, and making a getaway in his white truck. Clearly, he does not want to get tied down anytime soon!

“Always the bridesmaid, never the bride,” Haley jokingly wrote on her Facebook page.

Video of the hilarious moment has quickly gone viral, being viewed over eleven million times.

“There goes the world’s smartest man,” one social media user joked, with another writing, “There’s about a 90% chance, that one day, he’ll look back, and regret that he didn’t keep driving.”

“My man bolted outta there faster then superman finding out Lois is pregnant,” a third user commented.

Check out the moment for yourself in the video below!


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