Australian Great Whites Will ‘Rock and Roll All Nite’

KISS is going to the land down under next month to perform for a “killer” crowd.

Their performance is part of an Airbnb Animal Experience, designed to to have people entertain animals instead of having animals entertain humans, the company said in a news release on Thursday.For a mere $50 and proceeds will go to charity.

Honestly, these are probably the cheapest KISS concert ticket you’ll ever get. Do we know if animals even like rock and roll? Sharks definitely seem like the heavy metal type.

Anyway, the rock band is scheduled to play “down under” to the sharks in addition to eight fans — during the concert in Australia on Nov. 18. Specifically, in the Indian Ocean off Port Lincoln, South Australia

KISS and their fans will travel on separate boats off the coast of southern Australia, and while the band will stay above board on one vessel, the fans will be lowered beneath the surface of the water from another boat into the viewing area known for shark activity. KISS will use underwater speakers for the performance.


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