Airbnb’s Animal Experience: Tea with Sheep or Picnic with a Pig

Airbnb has officially announced that they are adding a new category to their “Airbnb Experiences” called “Airbnb Animal Experiences.”

What does that mean? Well, in that subcategory, you can choose out of 1,000 experiences involving all types of animals from all over the world.

That’s definitely one way to level up any vacation.

One option includes going to Scotland and having tea and crumpets with some sheep named Hamish, Dougal, Benny, and Lochie. Note: they are described as “naughty.” Anyway, in the “Meet the Sheep” section of the page, it explains “these cheeky creatures enjoy snuggling, eating grass, and interrupting humans while they’re enjoying afternoon tea.”

If you’re headed to the West Coast, say San Francisco, you can sign up to have a picnic with Pickles the pig. You and the pig will enjoy snacks and frolicking in the park while he does tricks! Then at the end of your day in the dirt you’ll get an art canvas made by Pickles.

Dreams coming true, people! Not mine, but someones!


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