You Can Now Spend The Night In Luxury Glass Igloos Looking At The Northern Lights

The Northern lights are something that all of us would like to see at some point in our lifetime. Now, you have the opportunity to see them like never before from inside a luxury glass igloo!

The luxurious dome-like igloos are located on the shore of Lake Ranuanjärvi, and they include a timber box on forest side of the room. In addition, they are equipped with a bathroom and even a sauna.

The glass acts as insulation, which helps those inside stay warm in the winter. Frost and snow does not stick to the glass, which means your view will keep surprising you in every part of the day. The igloos are perfect for couples, with their cozy beds and the glass “walls.” They also have a wooden floor and a tiny kitchen. What more could you need?!

If you want to go out for a date night while there, make a reservation at the local Lappish restaurant. When you’re not staring at the northern lights, you can take part in fun activities that include an arctic safari, which is accompanied by huskies and reindeers.

The igloos are also great in the fall since the water reflects the beauty of fall nights, and moon lovers will get the perfect view. If you visit in the spring or summer, you could even canoe on the lake, and on the warmest days you might see local polar bears or go for a tour in the Ranua forests. Find out more about this in the video below!


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