Wife Gets The Ultimate Revenge After Her Husband Leaves Her Following 37 Years Of Marriage

Divorce is an incredibly difficult experience for anyone, especially after nearly forty years of marriage. Divorce can be all the more harder when you are left for someone, particularly when that “someone” is your husband’s younger secretary. That’s exactly the situation that the woman in this story finds herself in, but she does not let this keep her down. Instead, she ends up getting the best revenge possible on her ex-husband.

Jake had been married to his wife Edith for 37 years, but he made it clear that all those years meant nothing to him when he left her for his much younger secretary. His new lover immediately demanded that she get to live in the expensive home he once shared with Edith, and his lawyers won a lawsuit that allowed Jake to live in the home with her. Afterwards, Jake gave Edith three days to move out.

On the first day, Edith packed her stuff into boxes and suitcases. On the second day, the movers came to get her possessions. Then, on the third day, Edith sat in the dining room for the last time. There, she enjoyed a pound of shrimp, a jar of caviar, and a bottle of Chardonnay.

Once she had finished her lunch, Edith went to every room in the house and placed a half-eaten shrimp shell soaked in caviar into the hollow of all of the curtain rods. She then went back to the kitchen, cleaned it, and left the home. Hours later, Jake and his new lover moved in, and everything was great for the first few days.

Gradually, however, a terrible smell started to spread through the home. When things got unbearable, Jake and his lover tried cleaning the house and opening windows, but nothing helped the smell go away. They scoured the home for dead rodents and washed all the carpets as they also placed air fresheners everywhere. They even had exterminators come in to set off the gas canisters, but nothing worked. Finally, after several days, Jake and his lover had to move out of the home for a few days. They paid a whole lot of money to replace the expensive wood carpeting, yet the smell remained and only got worse.

Eventually, their friends stopped coming over, and even their repairman refused to work there. Their maid quit, and they were forced to move out again because of the smell.

Jake and his lover put the house up for sale, but nobody would buy it, even after the price was slashed in half. The story spread through the city like wildfire, and even local realtors avoided their calls. The couple had to take a huge loan from the bank, just to purchase a new home.

When Edith called her ex-husband to ask how things were going for him, he told her all about the issues with the house. She patiently listened and told him that she misses the home so much that she would decrease her divorce settlement in exchange for taking the house back.

Thinking he had just gotten incredibly lucky, Jake agreed to sell her the house for one tenth its value. The only condition he had was that she needed to sign the papers that day, and she agreed. Within one hour, the deed was done and the home was Edith’s.

One week later, the two relieved lovers watched as the movers packed their things and took them into their new house.
Including the curtain rods…


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