Watch Céline Dion Wipe Off All Her Makeup in Music Video for New Single ‘Imperfections’

Céline Dion has just released a music video for her new song “Imperfections” in which she wipes away all of her makeup while in front of the camera.

The video opens with Dion, 51, wearing a full face of makeup, complete with smoky eye shadow, winged eye liner and lipstick as she recreates a high fashion photoshoot. Halfway through the video, however, Dion, makes the surprising move of wiping away all of her makeup with a cleansing wipe as she looks at herself in the mirror in her dressing room.

When the music video ends, Dion has wiped herself clear of all makeup and looks directly into the camera to show off her natural face. This perfectly showcases the message of the song, the lyrics of which go, “I got my own imperfections / I got my own set of scars to hide / I got my own imperfections / I can’t hold your heart when I’m fixing mine.”

This comes after Dion opened up about how she deals with body shamers in this day and age.

“People say, ‘She’s a lot thinner’ but I’m working hard. I like to move and [weight loss] comes with it,” Dion said as she talked about her ballet practices. “I do this four times a week.”

“Dancing has been in my DNA all of my life,” she added.

Earlier this month, Dion kicked off her “Courage” world tour, which will see her perform all over the globe. Back in April, Dion opened up about her reasoning behind embarking on this major tour.

“It’s time for a change; time to hit the road,” she said. “So many people came to us, but now we really think it’s time for us to go and see them. So I am extremely excited to do the world tour.”

Check out Dion’s new music video for “Imperfections” below.


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