Walmart Tests Out New Healthcare Center That Will Allow You To See Doctor Without Insurance

Walmart has just announced that they are trying to expand their healthcare offerings with the Walmart Health Center, which just opened next to a Walmart store in Dallas, Georgia. To make this happen, Walmart put together a team of healthcare experts and visionaries to work on it.

“The journey we’ve been on is just the beginning as we aim to bring quality, accessible healthcare to our customers,” said Sean Slovenski, Walmart’s SVP and president of health and wellness.

All patients are welcome at a Walmart Health center, regardless of their insurance status. Services offered there include primary care, labs, x-rays, counseling, dental, optical, hearing and community health education.

Walmart has been trying to expand their health offerings for years, and in 2018, they even opened a mental health clinic at a Texas store location. However, the new Walmart Health Centers will provide more comprehensive healthcare options for a wide range of needs. The Health Center in Georgia allows children to get annual check-ups for $20. Lab tests there start at $10, while adults can get teeth cleanings for $25. Keep in mind that all of this is without insurance coverage!

Walmart is already planning to open another Health Center in Calhoun, Georgia in 2020, with more coming in the years after that.

“Helping families save money so they can live better is at the heart of Walmart’s business, and we have bold ambitions to partner with great providers and find solutions to deliver quality health services at low, transparent pricing to our customers in a way that is convenient for them, making ‘live better’ the norm,” Walmart said in a statement.

On top of all of that, the Walmart Health Center will offer community health resources, online education and in-center workshops on preventive health and wellness issues.

Find out more in the video below!


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