Tony Bennett Cancels Multiple Shows After Contracting Major Illness

Fans are praying for the legendary singer Tony Bennett right now after he was forced to cancel multiple shows due to the fact that he had contracted a major virus.

The 93 year-old Bennett reportedly had been scheduled to perform four shows in the next two weeks, but he had to cancel the performances due to a summer virus. A representative for Bennett confirmed that the singer had canceled a September 7 performance in Seattle, Washington as well as shows in Oakland on Sept. 10, San Diego on Sept. 14 and Santa Barbara on Sept. 17.

“On behalf of Tony Bennett, we want to thank his fans for all of their support and apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause,” the spokesperson said.

The representative went on to say that Bennett’s shows on Sept. 25, 27, and 28 at The Venetian in Las Vegas will still go forward as planned.

“Tony is looking forward to returning to his tour schedule,” the representative added.

Bennett, who has been performing for over 70 years, recently opened up about the importance of maintaining his health.

“I’m still wide awake!” Bennett said in 2016. “My doctor likes to kick me out of his office and say, ‘There’s nothing wrong with you — don’t bother me!’ I’m very fortunate. I think being my age, and staying in top shape, is a first. Usually, people are still respected if they show up at 90, but they say, ‘He’s not like he used to be and all that.’ And it’s not happening with me.”

“I still have a lot of energy when I hit the stage, and I feel blessed about the fact that I’m still going strong,” he added. “We were always sold-out wherever we played throughout my whole career, and it’s a blessing to still have that happen at 90.”


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