Texas Police Officer Thanks Woman For Surprising Him With Emotional Note After Odessa Shooting

A police officer from Odessa, Texas just spoke out to express his gratitude to the woman who left a random thank-you note on his patrol car to express her admiration for the Odessa Police Department’s bravery in responding to the mass shooting in the city last month.

Corporal Gary Potter took to Facebook to say that he was shocked to find the note and flowers on his patrol car.

“I do not know you and you do not know me, but I thank you for your sacrifice,” the letter read. “You put your life on the line every day to protect our community. I cannot express how grateful I am. Thank you so much.”

The note was signed by “Bria Montes,” who has since been identified as an employee at Medical Center Hospital. As a worker at the hospital, Bria witnessed “firsthand” the devastation of the Saturday violence that left seven dead and 19 more injured.

Gary and Bria later got to meet outside the hospital after her note went viral, sharing an emotional hug when they saw each other.

“These officers are just selflessly going in there, trying to get all these people that are injured,” Bria said. “Getting all these people that are hurt and trying to stop this person as well.”

Bria’s note particularly meant a lot to Gary because his wife and daughter were shot at that fateful day as they drove down 42nd Street. Thankfully, they were able to escape unharmed.

“That one on my car that day just, man, I needed it,” Gary said. He added that he hopes that this story will inspire others to thank law enforcement officials and first responders for doing their part.

“Just a thank you, a handshake, anything like that,” said Gary. “A handwritten note, it means the world. It’s more valuable than winning the lottery or something. It is very, very powerful.”

“Thank you Bria Montes for this small act of appreciation it means more to me than you can ever know,” Gary wrote on Facebook. “It kills me that I was not here to protect my family that day but thank you to all my fellow law enforcement family that was. This is why I will suit up tonight and hit the streets of Odessa and I can assure you that if your child, mother, father, brother, sister, or family calls I will respond with everything I have to protect them from the evil that exists.”

Find out more in the video below.


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