Texas Bus Driver Sees Students Waiting In Weeds – Comes Back Later To Mow Entire Bus Stop

A bus driver from Texas is being hailed as a compassionate soul after he went above and beyond to improve the lives of his young students.

Jerry Martin was recently driving his normal route as a bus driver for the Copperas Cove Independent School District when he noticed that the grass at one of the bus stops had become overgrown. Jerry was so heartbroken to see his students waiting in the weeds for the bus that he decided to take action and take care of this situation himself. That’s why he later returned to the bus stop with a lawn mower and took it upon himself to trim the grass down.

The school district later took to Facebook to explain that the yard had fallen into disrepair because the property had not been inhabited for several years. School officials said that they were very impressed by Jerry’s actions.

“PICTURE OF THE WEEK!” the district wrote. “Bus driver Jerry Martin cut the grass at one of his bus stops so the students don’t have to stand in the weeds while waiting for the bus. The home is vacant and the yard is not being maintained. Three cheers for Mr. Martin!”

The school district’s post has quickly gone viral, with people all over the globe praising Jerry for his good deed.

“Way to go Jerry, you are Amazing, we need more people like him!” one social media user commented. “Taking care of children is a fine example for all. Way to go Jerry! You da man!”

“What a wonderful way to show love AND compassion to his bus children,” a third user wrote.


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