Tennessee Realtor Includes Photo Of Himself Engaging In Sex Act When Listing $399K Home For Sale Online

Those looking to buy a $399,000 property in Nashville, Tennessee got a whole lot more than they bargained for when looking at the listing last week, as an X-rated photo of the realtor was included in photos of the house.

When Miguel Calvo listed the Priest Park property online, he included thirty photos of the home, most of which were images of the kitchen, the pool and four bedrooms. Much to everyone’s horror, however, one of the photos clearly showed Miguel engaging in a sex act.

The photo appeared to show Miguel snapping a picture of himself in a mirror as he received oral sex. The woman laying on the bed in the photo looks to be “much younger” her “genitals exposed from the rear,” according to Scoop Nashville, which published a censored version of the image.

It is not known at this time if Miguel included the photo purposely, or if he did so by accident. It also does not appear that the photo of him engaging in the sex act was taken inside the home up for sale. The image has since been removed from the listing, and Miguel has refused all requests to comment on it.

Benchmark Realty, whose site the listing was posted on, explained that all realtors are independent contractors who pay to list their properties on the website, and are not their direct employees. Internet records show that Miguel is a realtor with 16 years of experience who has sold more than 275 properties.  If it was indeed an accident that he included this controversial photo, he must be pretty embarrassed right now!


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