Survivalist Bear Grylls Reveals How To ‘Be Still’ With The Lord In New Devotional Book

Bear Grylls is known for giving survivalist tips on how to survive in the great outdoors. Now, he’s showing a very different side of himself that many fans haven’t seen before, as he’s opening up about his strong Christian faith.

Though the “Man Vs. Wild” star has written over 20 books about death-defying experiences, he never thought he would write a devotional on “the most important part of his life…faith in Jesus Christ.”

“I didn’t really mean it to be public,” said Grylls, 45. “I wrote this book because I try to do something every day at the start of the day…and I’ve just written down notes over the years of things that have helped me…where I secretly find my strength…It’s rooted in Christ’s teaching but it’s all about love.”

Grylls compiled a 365-daily devotional called “Soul Fuel,” along with an audiobook narrated by him.

“I often don’t feel very strong,” he says in it. “Life can be a battle. We all feel that from time to time. But any strength I do have seems to come in the quiet moments at the start of my day. It comes when I am on my own, on my knees. It comes from taking time to be still with God…So for me, starting my day like this really helps. It is like food. Like good fuel for the soul.”

Grylls went on to say that his faith place a role in all of his outdoor adventures, and that it always gives him the courage to keep going even in the face of danger. Find out more about Gryll’s faith in the video below.


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